For over five decades Pan-International has been providing engineered copper wire, and custom multi-conductor cable solutions to customers world-wide. Within a culture of innovation and collaboration, our engineering and manufacturing teams produce wire and cable solutions for the most challenging product applications.

A Broad Range of Materials to Applications

Pan International’s low cost , state of the art, wire & cable operations offer a broad range of RoHS Compliant constructions,from single wire to multi-conductor and a broad range of materials to meet our customer’s applications that include, but no limited to, Medical Grade, Industrial, Automotive, and Communications .

From Automotive Infotainment Wiring , Seat Control Harnesses, Full View Systems

Along with our wire and cable capabilities, Pan is a leading solution provider for Automotive Wire Harnesses. We offer our customers complete professional support in the development, design, and manufacture of standard or complex electrical wire harnesses for cars, trucks, and all types of hybrid and electric vehicles. From Automotive Infotainment wiring, seat control harnesses, full view systems and High Definition 360 camera harnesses, High voltage and Powertrain control module harnesses , to Heavy Duty Truck wiring, Pan International supplies the end-user the connectivity they demand. So, whether you require Communications, Industrial (Automation), Medical or Automotive connectivity solutions, Pan International has the expertise and vast industry experience to design and manufacture high quality, cost-effective raw wire and cable , as well as wire harnesses to meet your unique requirements.