Pan-International’s manufacturing team continually optimizes its manufacturing resources to support a broad spectrum of PCBA product requirements. Our team and equipment support a highly flexible manufacturing environment that meets the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our lines are configured to support top and bottom-side SMT, as well as equipment feeders for offline setups. Our robust board assembly operations can accommodate a variety of highly complex technology requirements.

Employ Common Manufacturing And Test Platforms

All our facilities employ common manufacturing and test platforms and a common manufacturing quality system. This allows a rapid transition of manufacturing operations - either as part of a cost migration strategy or for a dual site qualification plan to address disaster recovery risks. The use of our real time floor quality tracking systems enables our engineering teams to quickly address any issues that arise – thereby strengthening production quality and minimizing operational costs.

We Focus On Continual Improvement Of Our Electro-mechanical And Test Processes

In addition, Pan’s vertical integration capabilities are aligned with providing customers complete turnkey systems assembly. By this we mean putting together the complete product, ready to be shipped to the end customer. We provide turnkey solutions (fully integrated box- build enclosures) to include all material procurement, process development, fabrication, testing, and logistics support. Our focus is on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations by developing robust, repeatable, cost-effective, and schedule conscious processes. Pan-International is dedicated to quality and reliability through controlled, repeatable manufacturing processes. We focus on continual improvement of our electro-mechanical and test processes, assuring our customers of the highest quality standards and on time delivery. We use a broad range of test equipment to insure zero defect standards for all the products we manufacture.