Employees are our most important asset and partner.

We firmly believe that employees are the company's most important asset and partner, so in staff recruitment, promotion, performance evaluation, salary, training opportunities, retirement and other matters involving personnel management, we adhere to the people-oriented, fair and legal policy, no discriminatory behavior due to different membership status. Besides, we also declared labor rights policies such as "no forced labor", "non-discrimination" and "no child labor", and strengthen propaganda in daily education and training, and the internal audit office will check the operation practice at any time and set up reporting and complaint channels to actively support labor rights.
In order to achieve the goal of rationalizing the salary structure of employees, we refer to market salary surveys, collect industry salary information, and formulate reasonable salary and reward policies. Salary of new employees recruited is based on job category, academic experience and expertise. The standard starting salary for grassroots employees is better than the minimum wage announced by the government. In addition, remuneration systems such as year-end bonuses, performance bonuses, proposal bonuses and special performance awards have been set up to reward outstanding employees.

Benefits for on board employees :

1.Labor insurance, Health insurance, Group insurance, Retirement pension, Statutory leave
2.Physical health check
3.Year-end bonuses
4.Year-end party awards
5.Wedding and funeral subsidies
6.Traditional holidays and Birthday vouchers
7.Advanced education and travel subsidies
In addition, employees are entitled to the following related benefits when they’re on board.
The above are the basic benefits enjoyed by employees in each factory. In addition, according to the differences in culture, customs, laws and regulations, factories in different area will also provide different welfare systems to take care of local employees.

Sharing company's annual profits by employees' performance

Besides, in response to local laws and regulations, each factory also forms an employee welfare committee or worker union, which is managed by members elected by both employers and employees, and organizes various activities on a regular basis to promote the balanced development of employees' lives. In mainland China, in accordance with local laws and regulations, worker unions were established to serve as a bridge for communication and coordination between employees and the company. At the same time, worker unions would draw up collective contracts, negotiate with the company and sign employee group salary agreements to protect employees’ salary rights.
In accordance with Article 21 of the company’s articles of incorporation, if the company makes annual profits, it shall allocate no less than 5% as employee compensation, and distribute it to employees in accordance with the performance bonus and employee compensation system, so that employees can share the profit of the company's operations according to their work performance.