The demand on data centers and cloud infrastructure are growing rapidly, with more users , more new applications, and increasing demand for higher data rate, storage, and remote and portable applications.
Pan-International, with over 50 years in the development and manufacture of engineered, integrated interconnect solutions, invests in the latest technologies and capabilities to develop leading-edge data center and cloud solutions staying ahead of the ever-evolving technical changes that Computing & Datacom OEMs face today.
Pan offers a wide range of interconnect solutions, including Cable Assemblies, PCB & PCBA, Flex-assemblies, and system assemblies , either compliant to industry standard specifications or custom application specific solutions, for various computing applications including:

• Storage Devices (External, Desktop, Network)
• Servers
• Desktop Computing
• Peripherals
• Routers, Hubs, Switching
• Local Area Networking
• Audio & Video

With our broad engineering services, our global supply chain management link to Global Logistics, combined with our strategic manufacturing footprint and vertically integrated manufacturing, Pan International consistently delivers high quality, cost effective solutions to our Computing/Datacom customers.