Stakeholders Engagements

To identify and confirm the main stakeholders and their concerns about economic, social and environmental issues, so the company can establish an efficient communication channel and responds to the expectations and demands of the stakeholders. Based on AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standards, SES, the CSR Committee ( now, Sustainability Committee)follows the principles of inclusiveness, materiality, responsiveness and impact, and refers to the stakeholder groups and issues in the industry. Through all issues units of CSR committee and department heads, considering impacts on company's operation under five dimensions, dependence, influence, attention, responsibility, and multiple perspectives. After internal discussion, seven main stakeholders were identified who are employees, investors, customers, suppliers, communities, government agencies, and the media.
After confirming the main stakeholders, the committee will appoint the corresponding departments and employees to discuss and communicate on the issues that the main stakeholders are concerned about and the expectations of the company. Through mutual feedback, improve various communication channels and modes to respond to demands and increase company transparency, reduce costs due to asymmetric information, and enhance the foundation of mutual trust for all stakeholders, so to create all win situation all parties.

Summary of all concerned issues and communication channels (frequency) between the company and stakeholders is as follows :