Environment Protection

Environment protection is our duty and responsibility.

Recently, the economic losses caused by major natural disasters to the lives and properties of residents in various regions have become more and more severe. For example, wildfires in the Americas and floods in Africa and India have had a violent impact and an incalculable impact on local life. We recognize that global climate changes will have a great impact on the future ecology and business environment, and we’ll take our duty and responsibility to prevent such natural risks and protect the environment. Like, the consumption of water and electricity resources and the discharge of wastes, we follow laws and regulations, saves energy and reduces emissions, and strictly controls, to eliminate factors that cause harm to the environment. At the same time, the supply chain is required to jointly abide by environmental protection standards, improve the recycling efficiency and reuse rate of resources and materials, and reduce consumption. We expect, with all suppliers together, to build the green supply chain system and to contribute to the elimination of pollution.