Supply Chain Cooperation

The supply chain is an extension of the production system, we regards suppliers as a community of life, adhering to the concept of coexistence, co-prosperity and sustainable development, and working with suppliers to implement green supply chain management, ensuring effective control of supply chain and any changes, and promoting supplier all together to improve the greenness of the product life cycle. In the process of production activities, we encourage all suppliers to fulfill social responsibility, to assume responsibility of environment, employee and socity as the goal, in order to reduce excessive consumption of resources and harm to the environment in the production or consumption process, and promote green production to achieve the goal of sustainability.

Besides, we regularly hold supplier conferences every year to continuously promote the concepts of integrity, compliance, anti-corruption and non-use of conflict minerals, maintain the consensus of the supply chain, and improve the overall supplier's production ethics.

Declaration of Integrity:

Put an end to corruption, discrimination and unfair behavior in the procurement process, suppliers should sign a "Vendor Commitment Letter", promise to abide by the principles of fairness, equity and openness in the transaction process to prevent procurement fraud, and establish an honest, fair and transparent enterprise culture and business policy.

Declaration of Responsible Minerals Sourcing (non-use of conflict and high risk minerals):

The company will never purchase and use "conflict and high-risk minerals" that mined refer to high-risk/conflict areas listed by the OECD (EX: in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its surrounding countries and regions), and require suppliers to also comply This Statement and Governing Principles.